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RepPro was designed to eliminate the headaches, hassles, and inefficiencies that exist with paper forms. We've taken the entire forms process online and created a system that significantly reduces time and errors. Store your clients information, fill out and submit their forms, and in the future, accessing a clients forms is just a few clicks away.

A Smarter Way to Fill Out Forms

Just a few of the ways RepPro improves your form entry process

Universal Questions

Enter personal information such as date of birth, income, and marital status, and RepPro will reuse this data on all future forms.

Error Correcting

Intelligent, real-time error correcting checks your answers to eliminate mistakes.

Dynamic Questions

RepPro only shows you the questions you need to complete and automatically adds questions based on your answers.

We've Got the Forms

No need to worry about what forms to include, RepPro automatically inserts the appropriate forms based on your client's information.

Required Fields

After completing a form, RepPro will alert you if any required fields were missed.

Save and Finish Later

RepPro works around your schedule. Save the form at anytime and finish it later.

Go Paperless with RepPro's eSignature Technology

RepPro features the industry's leading eSignature technology. Take all signatures, either in person or remote, apply them directly to the form, and electronically submit it without printing a single piece of paper. RepPro even lets you easily email your client their paperwork.


RepPro offers tons of great features to help make the process of filling out forms quicker and easier

Include everything you need in the forms packet

File Attachments

Upload any type of file and store it on your client's profile, then easily attach those files to the form packet.


Sometimes you need to communicate something extra on a form. Write any additional piece of information in a note, which RepPro will include in the form packet.

Integrate with your CRM system to easily add clients into RepPro

RepPro can connect to both Redtail and Salesforce CRM's, allowing you to easily import your clients. By importing a client from one of these CRM's, RepPro will automatically create a client profile and use the information from the CRM to prefill that client's forms.

Need to write two nearly identical forms? Our Copy Tool makes it easy

Use RepPro's Copy Tool to quickly copy an entire form's data and produce another, nearly identical form. Creating multiple forms for the same product has never been easier.

Add multiple users to your account and collaborate on forms

RepPro allows you to invite multiple people in your office to join your account. Each RepPro user in your office can access all clients, making it easy to work together on forms.

The highest standards in data security

Your client's data contains highly sensitive and personal information. We offer some of the most advanced data security measures in the industry, to ensure this data is always completely safe and secure.

Secure Data Centers

256 Bit Encryption

Externally Audited

Forms Available on RepPro

RepPro offers a large variety of forms from leading organizations in the insurance and securities industries.

To view a complete list of forms offered on RepPro Click here

Simple, Straight-forward Pricing

No confusing packages, plans, or price levels, just one price per user in your organization.


Per User

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  • 10% discount when paid annually
  • Minimum of 1 advisor per organization
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RepPro has proven to be a fantastic tool for our office that has helped streamline our application process! Our use of RepPro has helped increase our efficiency for this process, allowing us to save both time and money!

Mike ReeseCentennial Wealth Advisory

RepPro has been a great asset to our firm, increasing In-good-order submission rates and decreasing the time it takes for cases to issue.

Bob GraceGrace Advisory Group

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